Image: 950 - 2014 07 16 Crushed Velvet Suite After 001
No matter how old your furniture may be, if it was well made in the first place, there is every chance that it can be re-upholstered and brought back to "as new" condition. The before and after images show how furniture that has been used heavily for years can be restored to possess all the comfort and good looks that it had when you first bought it. This doesn't just happen once in the life of your furniture either. We have many clients who come back to us twice or even three times so far to have their furniture brought back to its original condition. Choosing good quality at the outset pays for itself over and over again. So, before throwing out that old suite, take a good look at what is available to replace it and consider how the current offerings will fare in ten, twenty or thirty years time. You may find that your old suite with skilled re-upholstery can offer better lifetime value and comfort. Call us to talk over your re-upholstery needs or click in the header of any page to send us an email.
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