Image: 676 - Corner units give you a great choice of seating. This one was re-upholstered in "Romo" crushed velvet for luxury and durability

When you have family around, having plenty of space for everyone to sit is very important, and as families can take their toll on your furniture, having a durable covering is essential. Corner units can provide spacious, flexible seating that can accommodate lots of people, while also giving you the option to spread out and be comfortable when you are alone.

This week we completely re-upholstered one large corner unit in a best quality flame retardant "Romo" crushed velvet fabric. In addition to looking and feeling luxurious, the beauty of this fabric is that it is incredibly hard-wearing as it is "Teflon" coated and is washable so it will retain its fantastic appearance for many years to come.

We also replaced existing seat cushion interiors with best quality flame retardant "Reflex" interiors, which carry a ten-year guarantee. They were also wrapped in a secondary casing, comprising Dacron and stockinette, to prolong cushion life. Existing back cushion interiors were re-cut and replaced with best quality flame retardant "Fibre-fill" interiors to ensure a better fit. Cushion seams were machined flat to ensure an improved finish. The combination of "Reflex" and "Fibre-fill" interiors ensure maximum comfort, quality and durability. The corner unit was completely stripped back to the frame, re-sprung and all interiors replaced with best quality flame retardant interiors to ensure it is totally restored to "as new". Lastly, the wooden feet were French-Polished to restore them to "as new".

Our customers were delighted. They loved the colour, said it was a complete transformation and super comfy!

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