Image: 579 - Can't find the upholstery skills you need where you live? Technology can help!

With the skills of master upholsterers becoming harder to find, we are now receiving enquiries from, and carrying out work for customers somewhat further afield than our traditional customer base in Essex and London.

This month we were delighted to receive an enquiry from prospective customers in Devizes in Wiltshire asking for a quotation to re-upholster their "Minty" three piece suite, comprising a sofa and two armchairs. They had not been able to find a more local upholsterer to whom they were happy to entrust their quality "Minty" three piece suite.

Working from photographs supplied by the customer, a detailed quotation has now been raised and sent along with fabric samples so that the customer can choose their desired finish. We were able to do this due to the vast experience that we have working with furniture from quality manufacturers like Minty, being able to recognise the furniture in question and knowing the materials that need to be used to bring the items back to "as new" condition.

Click here for an example of work carried out in this way for a customer in Sussex who sent us photographs to work from.

If you have furniture that needs the attention of a master upholsterer, but can't find anyone locally, all you need to do is take some photographs like the ones that accompany this item and email them to us. If you prefer to send a movie, that is also most welcome, and may take less of your time than individual photographs. The contact and enquiry form pages on this site allow the attachment of images or movies, so you can choose the one most convenient for yourself. We will take good care of you and your furniture from there on.

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