Image: 503 - French Polishing and re-upholstery in cream leather brings this dining suite back to life
This dining suite was recently restored from top to bottom. The teak table and centre leaf had been heavily oiled before, which had masked the grain pattern, leaving a very lacklustre appearance.

The beauty of the wood was restored by our French Polisher with meticulous care to bring out the natural lustre of the wood, sometimes known as chatoyancy, comparing the grain to the appearance of a tiger's eye gemstone. The process is highly skilled and consists of applying many thin coats of shellac dissolved in alcohol using a rubbing pad lubricated with oil.

French polishing has the advantage over many other finishes that if it should get damaged at any time, small local areas can be repaired and blended it by a skilled French Polisher, saving time and money.

The seven matching chairs were re-upholstered in wipeable cream leather. This is excellent for use in areas like kitchens and dining rooms as it will retain its good looks and luxurious feel yet is extremely durable and easy to look after.
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