Image: 440 - Christmas is a time for entertaining. Will everyone be sitting comfortably?

No, this isn't printed at the wrong time of year. You may not want to hear this but at the time of writing, Christmas is only 99 days away. True, a lot can happen in 99 days, but some items need a little more planning than others.

Christmas is the perfect time to gather the family together around the dining table and have the quality time together that the rest of the year seems so hard to find. Pressures of work and modern living can fade for a few precious hours at Christmas, leaving you nothing to focus on apart from the comfort and joy of your guests.

Comfort you say? Oh yes, well, we had been meaning to get the dining chairs or lounge furniture re-upholstered in time for Christmas, but by the time we thought about it, so had everyone else and there was no room at the upholstery workshop.

Don't get caught out in the rush to have everything perfect for Christmas this year. In terms of re-upholstery, it is probably one of the peak periods of activity, so if you want everyone to be sitting comfortably before you begin carving, call us on the number above, or click in the header of any page to send us an email.

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