Image: 402 - New look for spring

Websites are like furniture in some respects. Built correctly, they will serve you well for a good while, then when they start to show their age, they can be easily facelifted to extend their useful life over and over again.

This was the case with our own website which, after two and a bit years was in need of an update to keep up with the latest browsers and current vogue. As well as this, our site had amassed a huge picture library of work carried out for happy customers in Essex and London.

To make it easier to find representative pictures of re-upholstery projects we have completed on furniture from leading makers like Coopers, Derwent, Duresta, Ercol, Essex Furniture, Knowle, Minty, Multi-York, Old Charm, Parker-Knoll and more, each now has its own showcase page.

Along with a new, wider layout to give a more relaxed view of the work that we do, you can follow progress on current re-upholstery jobs through the 'blog on our site, with snippets of news, follow us on Facebook or Google+ Local.

The website may have changed, but our work and standards haven't. Everything is still given the personal attention that has come to delight so many customers over the years, and all our work is carried out using traditional methods and the best materials available. Visitors are always welcome by appointment to our workshop, so you can see for yourself the care and attention that your furniture will get when you entrust it to us for renovation and re-upholstery.

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