Image: 371 - Spring is in the air, how about in your furniture?

Nothing conjours up spring like the image of lambs gamboling in the fields as though they had springs on their heels. Spring may be in the air alright, but has your furniture started to lose its springiness, support and comfort.

Well, putting a spring lamb into your sofa may not be the answer to restoring comfort and appearance, but a trip to Richard Bull upholstery could well be. Using the finest materials and fabrics available, your cushions can be re-filled, using the combination of "Reflex" and "Fibre Fill" flame-retardant fillers and the whole thing stripped back to the bare frame and rebuilt.

Finally, your furniture is re-covered with one of the latest range of stylish, durable fabrics to keep it looking and feeling great for years to come.

Spring is also the time when many of the major upholstery fabric manufacturers release their now collections and you will be able to choose from the newest offerings of

  • Romo Fabrics
  • Christina Marrone
  • Linwood
  • Ross Fabrics
  • and many more
Visitors are always at the workshop, should you wish to look at fabrics or would like to see what we are working on, and what will shortly be featured on our weekly blog! However, please give us a quick call on 01277 374444 before setting off to ensure we are not out visiting customers.

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