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This sumptuous "Knowle" sofa looks just stunning in a subtle almond flatweave fabric from "Linwood" which accentuates its stylish lines. The elegantly curved back and the shape of the drop-arms necessitate great attention to detail and care to ensure that the grain and pattern of the fabric align perfectly.

Our clients were delighted, saying that their sofa looked "brand new and lovely".

In order to achieve results like this and to ensure a finish that is absolutely "as new" finish, the best start is to strip the furniture back to its bare frame, especially when there are moving parts involved, such as the arm hinges. Once we are sure that the frame is in perfect condition, then we can proceed, replacing all webbing and interiors with modern, best quality, flame retardant materials.

The seat cushion interiors are then replaced with best quality flame retardant "Fibre-fill" and "Reflex" interiors, wrapped in a mix of stockinette and Dacron to ensure the greatest possible comfort and longest life. The interiors used also carry a ten year makers guarantee.

We were delighted with the kind comments made by our client and look forward to reading their feedback on our "Which?" Trusted Traders page.

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