Image: 1706 - Variety is the spice of life!
A whole week of chairs was the order of the day in our workshop. From antiques to modern day pieces, there were chairs of all shapes and sizes, and widely varying styles from this client. Sometimes you have to be flexible. This was definitely one of those times. From antiques to a bedroom chair and a modern, large winged armchair, there was a challenge in every piece. Pattern matching is more critical than ever when working with a variety of styles and shapes. Using a range of best quality, flame retardant fabrics, each piece was stripped back to the bare frame to ensure an "as new" end result. Where appropriate, interiors and cushion fillings were replaced with best quality, flame retardant materials before carefully applying the outer fabrics. Our client was delighted with our craftsmanship and was impressed on the attention to detail that had been paid when re-upholstering such a wide variety of chairs.
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