Image: 1631 - Same Client with Very Different Sofas!
This was another week of contrasting jobs from the same client.

With two Knowle armed sofas and one "Multi-York" two seater sofa, this client chose to maximise the contrast with complementary fabrics, contrasting a plain, sumptuous red "J Brown" crushed fabric on the Knowle sofas with a very traditional, bold floral design "Christina Marrone" woven fabric on the "Multi-York" sofa.

These two best-quality, flame-retardant fabrics work beautifully together on the different styles of sofa. They are as comfortable as they look too, which delighted our client so much, they took the time to call our workshop the next day to say his wife, who was out when their furniture was delivered was absolutely delighted too.

In order to make a job that restores "as new" condition to furniture, it is vital to ensure that the frame is in perfect condition, so as usual, we started off by stripping back to the bare wood and checking its condition. All interiors were replaced with best quality, flame-retardant materials.

For the best in comfort and longevity, all existing seat cushion fillings were replaced with best quality flame retardant "Reflex" interiors, which carry a ten year guarantee. These were also wrapped in a secondary casing, comprising Dacron and stockinette to prolong cushion life. Reflex interiors ensure maximum comfort, quality and durability.

For a finishing touch, all three sofas were finished with a rolled edge, and six new large scatter cushions were added for style and comfort.
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