Image: 1607 - Previous Longstanding Client - Different Furniture

It is always good to get a call from an existing, long-standing client, especially when they are talking about new, additional work on furniture that they hadn't brought to us before.

On this occasion, the client had two, two seater sofas and two chairs that they wanted re-upholstered in a best-quality, flame-retardant "Warwick" checked fabric. Checked fabrics show up even the tiniest misalignment or pattern-matching defect, so great attention to detail is essential in order to get the finish just-so.Also, in order to get a great finish, you have to start off with a great foundation, so all four pieces were stripped back to their bare frames first, so that we could be confident of an "as new' finish. All cushion interiors were replaced with best quality flame-retardant materials to give the upholstery the best possible support for comfort and longevity.Existing seat cushion interiors were replaced with best quality flame retardant "Reflex" interiors, which carry a ten year guarantee. These were also wrapped in a secondary casing, comprising Dacron and stockinette, to prolong cushion life. Existing back cushion interiors were replaced with best quality flame retardant "Fibre-fill" interiors. The combination of "Reflex" and "Fibre-fill" ensures maximum comfort, quality and durability.Our clients were away when their furniture was returned so we are looking forward to hearing from them on their return, once they have had a chance to sit in their newly upholstered suite.

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