Image: 1575 - Two Reclining “Parker-Knoll’ Armchairs Re-upholstered
The "Parker-Knoll" reclining armchair was a revolutionary piece of furniture in its day, redefining comfort for an armchair, and setting a very high standard in durable quality. This week we completely re-upholstered two of these fine armchairs in a best quality flame retardant"Wemyss" fabric. To ensure an "as new" finish with the best possible comfort and longevity, both chairs were stripped back to the frames, replacing all interiors with best quality, flame retardant interiors. This is particularly important with reclining chairs owing to the number of moving parts in the frame that are more subject to wear and tear than a conventional chair or sofa frame. These were still in great condition, which is what can be expected from a quality manufacturer like "Parker-Knoll". We also replaced existing seat cushion interiors with best quality flame retardant"Reflex" interiors, which carry a ten-year guarantee. They were also wrapped in a secondary casing, comprising Dacron and stockinette, to prolong cushion life. Our clients said they loved them and commented upon how comfortable they were!
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