Image: 1503 - Dining Table & Chairs French Polished to Perfection
To restore the natural beauty of wood, there is no substitute for patience or effort. Hand stripping this table was a very labour intensive process, but the only way to get back to the bare material before the painstaking work of French Polishing could give it that unmistakable lustre this process brings to beautiful wood. To complement the magnificent dining table, we also restored eight matching chairs, six dining chairs and two carvers. To start, all eight were stripped to the frames to make sure that the foundation of the job was perfect. This is the only way to ensure the finished job is "as new". All interiors were replaced with best quality flame-retardant materials to bring the life and comfort back, making sure that it would last for many years to come. Finally, all the chairs were re-upholstered in a best quality, flame-retardant "Jim Dickens" woven fabric that complemented the restored woodwork beautifully. Our clients were "absolutely chuffed to bits".
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