Image: 15 - For antique restoration, using the methods of the time is of paramount importance.

Bring back the beauty of your antique furniture without destroying its value. When your furniture was new, it was built by craftsmen trained in traditional methods going back hundreds of years, at the time, everything was made that way. In modern mass market manufacturing, many of these skills are no longer practiced on a day to day basis, and have to be kept alive by specialist furniture restorers like Richard Bull Upholstery.

To keep your antique furniture serviceable, beautiful and in top condition, you can be sure that at Richard Bull Upholstery we will use only traditional materials wherever possible to bring the stuffing and upholstery condition up to scratch while wood gets the treatment it deserves, being restored to a beautiful lustre with traditional French polishing methods. Our belief is that the skills and crafts that were used to make your antique should also be used in its restoration.

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