Image: 1403 - A change is as good as a rest, and having somewhere comfortable to rest helps.
This suite was re-upholstered for the second time around, this time with modifications. Re-visiting some long standing clients, we collected their four piece suite/corner unit again. The last time was some 12 years ago. The four piece suite / corner unit comprised one large three seater sofa, one two seater sofa, one armchair and one footstool. This time ouur client wanted the three seater sofa to have a more conventional look with two arms not one as it was originally. The task was slightly complex as the existing arms were curved. However, as we always strive for the perfect finish to a job and to deliver exactly wh
  • at our clients ask, specialist skills were brought to bear on this modification. The framework of the arm was made from curved plywood and stainless steel brackets to get the shape just right. The end result is a new shape to the sofa that looks as though it was the original. For the upholsterly, our clients chose two "Teflon" coated best quality flame retardant "Romo" crushed fabrics in Elm and Deep Red. With very little maintenance, these fabrics will retain their luxurious look and feel luxurious for many years to come, partly due to the "Teflon" coating which makes them stain resistant and washable. We also replaced existing seat cushion interiors with best quality flame retardant "Reflex" interiors, which carry a ten-year guarantee. They were also wrapped in a secondary casing, comprising Dacron and stockinette, to prolong cushion life. We also replaced the existing back cushion interiors with best quality flame retardant "Fibre-fill" interiors. The combination of "Reflex" and "Fibre-fill" ensures maximum comfort, quality and durability. All four pieces were stripped back to the frame and all other interiors (arms, seats, etc.) replaced with best quality flame retardant interiors to ensure they are all completely restored to "as new". Once again, our clients were delighted. They loved their "new" suite and were very happy with the result. b bWe look forward to seeing them again in another twelve years or so!
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