Image: 1276 - Complementary “Jim Dickins” fabrics give wonderful effect on this “Cooper’s” Suite
For their "Cooper's" three piece suite, this client chose two best quality flame retardant "Jim Dickins" fabrics. Using a chenille for the main body of the suite and a co-ordinating flatweave for the seat and back cushions gave a sumptuous, comfortable feel. Finally, the finished effect was beautifully brought together with a rolled edge and co-ordinating braid - simply stunning! Meticulous attention to detail was required to ensure first class pattern matching on the seat cushion interiors. This level of care and attention to detail is applied to every job that comes into our workshop and can so often make the difference between a good job and a beautiful job. It is a matter of great pride ot us that our standards of workmanship are always the highest. Prior to upholstery, to ensure an "as new" finish, all three pieces were stripped back to their frames. The existing interiors were all replaced with best quality flame retardant materials, restoring the furniture to its original highest "Cooper's" specification. To give the greatest comfort and the best possible cushion life, the existing seat cushions were replaced with best quality, flame retardant "Reflex" interiors. These carry a ten year guarantee. To prolong cushion life even more, the interiors were wrapped in a secondary casing comprising Dacron and stockinette. The back cushion interiors were replaced with a combination of best quality, flame retardant "Fibre-fill" and "Reflex" interiors. This combination ensures maximum comfort, quality and durability. Our clients said their newly delivered suite was beautiful and like brand new. They have also been kind enough to have already recommended us!
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