Image: 1238 - Ercol Dining Chairs Re-Upholstered in Time for Christmas
In the name of efficiency, another job was carried out for the same clients at the time. They have eight beautiful "Ercol" dining chairs, of which, two are carvers. Our clients chose two subtly contrasting "Romo" crushed fabrics in earth and taupe, which we think look stunning together. Plain fabrics work so well on these lovely chairs, enhancing, but not competing with the grain of the wood frames and providing a neat counterpoint to the simple, engraved pattern on the chair backs. Another great feature of these fabrics is that they are so easy to keep clean, being Teflon coated and very hard wearing. This makes them ideal for dining chairs, as they resist any accidental spillage with a quick wipe over. Before re-upholstering, the chairs were all stripped back to bare frames and the cushion interiors replaced with best quality flame retardant interiors to make sure that the finished job was "as new". Finally, the finishing touch of a tri-coloured rope cord was added to make a beautifully finished edge. Our clients said we had done a lovely job and were kind enough to send us an e-mail later that day and said "Thank you for reupholstering our furniture. It looks great".
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