Image: 1215 - 2-15-11-20 Complementary "J Brown" Chenille Fabrics are Getting Popular
Life is full of coincidences. Just a week after re-upholstering a two piece suite in complementary "J Brown" Chenille fabrics, another client, who had no connection with the first one, chose just the same combination of self coloured brown for the body and arms, with a check from the same range. This time, the suite included a footstool and had a very different shape, making it very important to ensure first class pattern matching of the checked material on the cushions. Before re-upholstering, all three pieces were stripped back to the frames to make sure they were sound, then all the seat cushion interiors were replaced with "Reflex" items, which carry a ten year guarantee. These were also wrapped in a secondary casing of Dacron and stockinette for the greatest possible comfort and longevity. For comfort and durability, the back cushions had their interiors replaced with best quality, flame retardant "Fibre-fill" materials. This suite now has its original "spring' back and will stay comfortable for many years. The choice of fabric also helps to keep the suite looking good as it is very durable and easy to clean.
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