Image: 1129 - Forty out of forty customers who commented in Which? Trusted Traders would recommend us now

The importance to us of Which? Trusted Trader reviews simply cannot be overstated. Because Which? goes to such lengths to make sure the comments they gather are completely independent, and cannot be influenced by the trader in question. In fact, we don't even see them until they appear on the Which? web site.

That is why it is so great to know that our customers have taken the trouble to fill in the forms that we leave with them and submit such glowing comments. Forty out of forty who responded would recommend us to others and we scored 5/5 star ratings in the three categories of Customer Service, Quality and Value.

The only way we can influence what people say about us here is to carry on offering a first class service from start to finish, which is always a great source of satisfaction to us. Making customers happy makes us happy. If you are thinking about re-upholstery, please take the time to read some of the comments before entrusting your treasured furniture to us.

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