Image: 1002 - Preserve the value and the comfort of your vintage furniture

Genuine vintage furniture is becoming more and more collectable and desirable as an investment, so keeping it original is vital. When it comes to preserving the value of sought after and collectable vintage furniture, you will find us as enthusiastic as you are in following the original craftsmens' methods and sourcing authentic materials.

This week we completely re-upholstered two stunning quality 1960s armchairs a best quality Scandinavian hide. This was used in the first place as Scandinavian farmers don't use barbed wire, so the hides are flawless to begin with. This is the kind of attention to detail that keeps our clients coming back time and time again, because they know that they can trust the end results.

First of all the chairs were stripped back to the bare frames, then the wood was French Polished to bring back its natural lustre.

All interiors on the seats and backs were replaced with best quality flame retardant interior and finished to the original specification. Frame repairs were also effected to ensure they were both restored to their former glory.

The beauty of the natural materials really shows through in the finished job on these chairs, which will not only give many more years of comfortable service now, but will also retain their value by being kept exactly as the original makers intended.

Our client was so pleased, he left this review on our Which? Trusted Trader page: "We made an appointment for Richard to come and see two vintage France and Sons armchairs, designed by Sigvard Bernadotte. He arrived on time to check what needed doing, and then emailed a price for the job the next day. On the same day that we accepted his price, he arranged for samples of Scandinavian hide to be sent. When we could not find a suitable colour, he contacted another company to send more samples. The chairs were completely reupholstered and covered in the hide. In addition, the teak frame (which had been badly treated by previous owners), was repaired, reglued and polished. The final result was a pair of chairs which looked as the designer had originally intended. Throughout, Richard was friendly and punctual. We would thoroughly recommend him."

If you have vintage furniture that you want to keep using but at the same time preserve, give us a call or click in the header of any page to send us an email.

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