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23/12/2016: Beautiful Coopers three piece suite in Christina Marrone

It's nearly Christmas, but we had time for just one more job before we relax on our own sofa for a few days. The job in question was to refurbish a three piece suite made by Coopers. The suite is made up of an armchair, a two seater sofa and a three seater sofa. They were re-upholstered in a beautiful "Christina Marrone" chenille fabric which fitted in perfectly with the client's house.

Before the outside of the sofa is reupholstered however, the inside must be taken care of first. This involves stripping the material off each sofa down to the frames, then replacing everything with the high quality flame retardant materials we use. The seat cushion interiors were replaced with the best quality flame retardant "Reflex" interiors, which carry a ten year guarantee. They were then wrapped in a secondary casing comprising of Dacron and stockinette, this extends the life of the cushion and adds more durability. The back cushion interiors were replaced with "Fibre-fill" interiors, which creates the perfect combination of the two materials ensuring maximum comfort, quality and durability. All materials used in our re-upholstery are the best available and of course flame retardent.

All three pieces were finished with a rolled edge which was the final step of this process to ensure the suite was returned to the customer in "as new" condition. On delivery the clients said they loved their "new" sofa and said it was a complete transformation.

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