Cushion stuffing services is something that our customers are becoming increasing interested in. Basically it enables you to have the cushion part of your sofa, or actual cushions re-stuffed with an appropriate filling of your choice. This rejuvenates and brings your cushions back to life.

Interestingly it’s got lot’s of different names

What is the filling inside of cushions called anyway when cushion stuffing? It seems quite a few people on-line are confused too. Stuffing, pillow fill. Also ‘wadding’ or ‘batting’. Some call them ‘cushion inserts’. Also ‘padding’ or ‘foam’.

Different types of fillings for cushion stuffing

There are some great articles on the web on this subject, for example ones on different filling types for cushions for cushion stuffing. In addition some of the advantages and disadvantages of those fillings. It starts with whether you want a firm or soft cushion filling. Some softer materials include; down and feathers, polyester fibre, or wadding. Cushions for seat bases are often firmer and made from foam. Where as bean bags have polystyrene beads in them.

On a recent project, for the greatest possible comfort and longest life, all seat cushion interiors were replaced with “Reflex” interiors, which carry a ten year guarantee. They were also wrapped in a secondary casing, comprising Dacron and stockinette, which further enhances seat comfort and gives an even longer life.

Reflex interiors – Reflex Foam is well known superior foam made by by Vitafoam. Reflex foam is used in a lot of the foam cushions used in top quality furniture. It is used because of its instant recovery after use, and because it maintains its shape and resilence for many years.

Dacron – Dacron is a Polyester wrapping, used to wrap around foam pieces. It serves a few different purposes, all significant to the look and feel of your cushions! Dacron rounds out the edges and fills the fabric cushion cover for a more even rounded appearance – definitely an aesthetic bonus!

Where to get help you with cushion stuffing

We here at Richard Bull’s Upholstery are expert at helping you select what’s best for your requirements. We can also do the work to re-invigorate and refill your cushions. Please get in touch with Richard.