Having owned and treasured this distinctive “Bridgecraft” suite for over thirty five years, this client was not prepared to entrust its re-upholstery to just anyone, wanting the job done by an expert. Despite the distance involved from their home in Oxfordshire, the client was happy for us to collect and deliver the suite as they couldn’t find anyone that they trusted closer to home.

Originally, the suite had a deep-buttoned back, buttoned front skirt and was finished with a fringe. However, they wanted a more contemporary look. Choosing two complimentary fabrics from the “Linwood” range, a plain fabric for the body of the suite and a subtly patterned one from the same range for the cushions. After discussion, the buttoned back was replaced with plain cushion faces and the fringe gave way to a more contemporary rolled edge.

Our clients absolutely loved the end result and were thrilled to bits! They were impressed with both the appearance and the comfort, both saying that their suite was even more comfortable than it had ever been. They loved the more modern look and were impressed with the pattern matching, which is always critical when curved surfaces are present.

To get an “as new” finish, it is always necessary to start with the foundation, stripping all pieces back to the frame to make sure it is solid, then replacing all interiors with modern, flame retardant materials before finishing the upholstery.

Next to ensure the greatest quality, comfort and durability, all existing seat cushions were replaced with best quality flame retardant “Reflex” interiors, which carry a ten year guarantee. They were also wrapped in a secondary casing, comprising Dacron and stockinette, to prolong cushion life. Back cushion interiors were remodelled to remove the buttoning, replacing existing interiors with best quality flame retardant “Fibre-fill” interiors. The combination of “Reflex” and “Fibre-fill” ensures maximum comfort, quality and durability.

Distance really is no object when you want the best possible result for your treasured furniture. You can send us photographs to get a quote, with your furniture being collected and delivered at times convenient to you. Call us or click in the header of any page to send an email and let us know what we can do for your furniture.